This is the perfect vertical monitor to see your social networks

Sometimes we find tools that take the cake how silly they can be. And the funny thing is that some have some functionality that can cover some needs, giving them something useful. And today may be one of those days when we face one of those days when we meet Elsonic vertical screen It is ideal for viewing social networks.

This is the screen where you can suddenly watch Twitter

If you are a Twitter user, you will know that you have several ways to visit your profile. One of them is on your computer, where the screen is larger but there is plenty of room to cover due to its design. You can also see it on your mobile phone, but on a 5 or 6 inch screen you only have plenty of room to see all the messages that arrive.

However, the Japanese company Elsonic has come up with a solution that can avoid constant distractions for anyone who has these apps or websites. It turns out that the company presented its screen Elsonic EK-MD088, She has the most unusual ways when it comes to work. It’s basically a traditional monitor with its own picture input ports that you have to hook up to a computer.

So far everything is normal, and the most intriguing is what it looks like. Which is that for many you will not be surprised to use a portrait format screen, but it is rarely designed for such use. Turns out we found a file 8.8 inch panel extension, 420 x 1920 . resolution. As you can imagine, it is a rather narrow rectangle on the top of its sides. Built in ACEquipped with USB C outputs to give it power and a mini HDMI Until the image signal arrives. In addition, it contains a file The serrated surface serves as a station for regulating the viewing angle of the device.

According to Mashable, its use is for users to have a screen where they can view their social media feed without losing sight of what is in front of them on their home screen. Since it’s longer, it’s easier to put together the design of an app like Twitter, although what’s surprising is its price tag. And that’s for around 128 euros, you can spend that amount or less on a larger help screen.


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