Trump social network expects February 21 launch

The “Truth Social” app of former US President Donald Trump is expected to be available on February 21, 2022, according to a listing in the Apple App Store.

Former US President Donald Trump’s media group is aiming to launch its long-promised social network in February, according to a listing on Apple’s App Store.

The listing showed that the “Truth Social” app will be available on February 21, and will have similar features to Facebook’s existing online communication tools.

The 75-year-old was fired from Twitter — his favorite communication channel when he was president — as well as Facebook and YouTube after last year’s January 6 rebellion, in which a mob of Trump supporters sparked his repeated false allegations that November 2020 stole the election, and assaulted him. On the US Capitol Building.

Trump says the new platform will be an alternative to Silicon Valley internet companies that he says are biased against him and other conservative voices.

The social network is currently being used by invited guests as it prepares for a public launch, according to the Trump Media and Technology Group.

President Joe Biden on Thursday blasted Trump’s “lies” and his attempt to overturn the 2020 election, vowing on the first anniversary of the January 6 riots at the Capitol that he would not allow anyone to put a “dagger at the throat of democracy.”

After largely ignoring Trump for a year, Biden took off the gloves, calling the Republican a cheater whose ego would not allow him to accept defeat and his supporters nearly shattering American democracy when they stormed Congress to block the election’s ratification.

Trump, who has spent the past year spreading conspiracy theories about his election loss to millions of followers, quickly responded with a series of statements that compounded his lies about “rigged” elections and dismissed Biden’s speech as “political theater.”

Truth Social will join an already crowded market of social networks popular among conservatives and members of the far right.

Gettr was fired in early July by a former Trump adviser, while Parler and Gap are already favored by the real estate mogul’s supporters.

Trump Media Group plans to subscribe to the video service

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