Unai Emery hits Piqué for his arbitration ‘complaints’ and he responds

The 20th day of La Liga Santander Several controversial actions left by part of the referee and the video assistant referee. The penalty kick indicated in favor of Real Madrid against Valencia (in the end, it practically had no effect on the result) was one of the most commented on social networks after the group ‘ché’ clamara against theft and Gerard Hamred, and recommended the FC Barcelona player not to speak loudly to avoid penalties.

Barcelona’s main office has been very active in social networks, although it comes as a “kick” with Barcelona against Granada in a party in which Barcelona ended up suffering more than the reckoning. Anyway, the controversy with Hammered didn’t stay there… nor much less. After the meeting with Villarreal and Athletic Madrid, on Sunday, the coach of the yellow submarine, Unai Emery sent a ‘recado’ to the player culé and this, how not, answered through his Twitter account.

“Hammered here recently yes he was a hand and a penalty, he clearly touched the hand and he lost that gig. It pains me that then here he said no, Pointing to a potential hand, Emery commented on trying “obvious” that no Beto at Villarreal-Barcelona is doing for a few weeks, adding that “the hammer if it is, and Yesterday put in twitter a protest by other parties. What it takes to be honest and not confuse people. Instead of callarse he said what is said to deceive the people.

I withstood him and he didn’t stay calm

Shortly after the Barcelona player responded to the Villarreal technician’s comments, reminding him that he had complained enough about the referees and that he should not forget the 6-1 against Paris Saint-Germain: “It’s talking about someone after 3 years who followed the quejandose to rule at 6-1. He already passed him, Unai”, wrote on Twitter.

The center of Catalonia enclosed some of Emery’s statements aimed, three years after the liquidation of Barcelona and Paris Saint-Germain, that “this party will change the government” and that “There are a lot of details in the party that can break up. But if you start from the end, change the judgment and become already. The party saw her again that day she repeated because I took her off. I saw it from the 50th until the 82nd minute. We went 3-0, celebrated 3-1 and had a hand in hand from Cavani which took him off the goalkeeper to make a 3-2 score; A very clear penalty for Gave María that there is no pitó; And in the 82nd minute, Maria Neymar made a mistake by scoring a goal. Here I left to see.”

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