US Social Video Advertising 2022

Executive Summary

Video ads are a growing part of total social media ad spend, as platforms continue to invest in original content spaces and engaging ad formats. Advertisers now have more ways and reasons than ever to experiment with video ads on social media.

How much will US advertisers spend on video ads on social networks?

We estimate that in 2022, US video ad spend on social networks will grow 20.1% year-over-year (YoY) to $24.35 billion, which is more than a third of total US social network ad spend.

How will iOS privacy changes affect social video ads?

Apple’s AppTrackingTransparency (ATT) framework has severely impaired campaign scaling and performance for many social advertisers. Video ads can mitigate some of this effect, especially as attention-grabbing creatives and scrolling stops are becoming a must in the realities of iOS 14.5.

How do advertisers deal with video ads on social networks?

Advertisers are now seeing that video ads on social media can drive brand and performance goals. This leads to an increased focus on developing high-performance creations that look more platform-friendly, but also a greater interest in premium positions like Facebook In-Stream Reserve (ISR).

What does this report contain? Our latest forecasts for video ad spend on social networks, analysis of video ad formats and developments on social networks, paid strategies and best practices for video ads on social networks.

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