VCORE, New International Metaverse Token, Closes

Starting in 2022, VCORE can enable up to 1,000,000 daily active users on the IMVU platform to play and earn in the Metaverse

LONDON, December 2, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Today in Enter Metaverse Conference in London, announced Together Labs, VCORE (, an ERC-20 token that rewards active, creative, and profitable international players across the metaverse. Together Labs, the parent company that launched the token, has announced that VCORE will be available to users outside the US and Canada via the IMVU platform – the leading metaverse friend discovery and most profitable social app.

VCORE is an essential step in accelerating virtual economies and will pave the way for future growth through the broader metaverse. Launching a new token in 2022, VCORE should give its users access to a new type of economy where every player can participate in the future of the metaverse.

“This was an initial exposure to networking and securing interest from major cryptocurrency buyers and strategic buyers who know our space well – and we were thrilled to have this select group as part of our project,” said John Burris, Head of Strategy & Blockchain Officer at Together Labs. “When we launch VCORE next year, we will have a strong impact on two with our first token – VCOIN, a globally convertible token backed by fiat- and now VCORE to power the next generation of the Metaverse economy.”

Participants (or their foreign affiliates) in the presale are:

  • BITKRAFT projects, the global investment platform for games, esports and interactive media with investments in Immutable, Manticore, Anzu, Frost Giant and Yield Guild
  • Sky 9 Capital Focused on driving innovation in the internet, enterprise and deep technology led by DappReview, Binance, CoinMarketcap, and property at, MetaWorld, and more
  • Executives at GoldenTree Asset Management which owns investments in Coinbase (before the IPO), ConsenSys and Animoca Brands.
  • Jump Capital Which has an extensive crypto wallet including 0x, BitGo, BlockFi, Coinlist, etc.

“TogetherLabs has been a pioneer in the avatar-based social network for years. By including the economics of tokens and supporting NFTs, it will empower users and transform the way players participate, create, and communicate with each other in the metaverse,” said Vincent New, Partner at Sky9 Capital. “We are thrilled to be a major part of the initial pre-show because we believe both the team and the platform have tremendous potential.”

“Unlike other social networks, IMVU’s gaming mechanics and content marketplace make it uniquely positioned for Web3 and naturally integrate cryptocurrencies and NFTs,” said Scott Robb, Founding General Partner at BITKRAFT Ventures. Together, Labs supports the launch of VCORE and unleashes the full potential of IMVU’s virtual economy for its active creator and player system. “

Additional participants also include: PEER Venture Partners; Cointelligence Fund Meteor Labs. and Marina Capital.

VCORE will be launched within IMVU’s burgeoning virtual goods and services economy. IMVU has over 15 years of experience building an active community of over 200,000 active creators and over 1,000,000 daily active users. Only international users (non-US residents and non-Canadians) will be able to purchase and use VCORE. Residents of the US and Canada will have access to buy, gift, earn and keep VCOIN, the globally available digital asset launched in January 2021.

The launch of VCORE is a huge milestone for the IMVU metaverse and its global user base. “It is rare for new coins to have such a large audience,” said Darren Tsui, CEO of Together Labs and IMVU. “Now, VCORE allows us to reward our international members for their participation. As players explore, earn and shape the future of the metaverse, VCORE allows them to preserve real-world value in their success.”

Together Labs is working to build the next generation Metaverse economy, which includes a number of complementary blockchain initiatives.

Enter Metaverse, which is held in London, hosted by circus tech As part of a series of events focused on the future of technology.

For more information about VCORE, please visit To learn more and subscribe to IMVU, please visit:

About IMVU
Located in Silicon Valley, IMVU (imm-view) is the world’s largest friendship discovery social platform, top 5 earning apps in iOS/Apple App Store and Google Play Store, where millions of users customize their avatars and explore over 40,000+ destinations to connect With each other. Through chat and events, IMVU’s massive metaverse empowers and enhances friendship and human connection. A community of hundreds of thousands of users fuels IMVU’s peer-to-peer economy by designing and selling virtual goods and destinations, as well as a growing catalog of 50 million items. The IMVU experience is available at the web, a desktop application, and as a file iOS And Android Application.

VCORE is the only international ERC-20 token that rewards players and creators for building the future of the Metaverse and earning for their participation. First, VCORE will be directly integrated into the massive metaverse IMVU and enable the international community to shape the economy of the future. Along with VCOIN and NFTs, VCORE is another building block for accelerating the transition to a full blockchain economy, setting the new economic standard. For more information visit (No access for US or Canadian people.)

About Together Labs
Together Labs creates technologies that enable people around the world to connect, create, and earn in virtual worlds. Our mission is to redefine social media as a catalyst for authentic human connection by developing a range of products grounded in this core value. These include: IMVU, the world’s largest friendship discovery and social platform; VCOIN, the first convertible digital currency approved by regulators; VCORE, an ERC-20 token that allows the community to create, play and earn in the Metaverse; And WithMe, an upcoming mobile platform.


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