Viblos Is Revolutionizing Traditional Social Networks Using Blockchain Technology

Tallinn, Estonia – (Newsfile Corp. – November 19, 2021) – Viblos is a promising blockchain-based platform that combines elements of centralization and decentralization to solve current problems in social networking platforms. Leading social networks such as YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook have many flaws that the Viblos Ecosystem initiative seeks to solve.


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Traditional social media platforms have emerged as leaders in the industry and are providing content for free. However, not all content creators can make money from the material they create across these platforms. Other platforms don’t pay much to creators, while some are quite strict in their policies, which change depending on their region. These centralized platforms block and penalize some users multiple times from sharing their opinions.

Another common problem that the current social media platforms don’t pay attention to is that only a small group of users with extraordinary qualities to be content creators or influencers profit financially from these platforms when the rest of the users do not have the option to make money.

Viblos is the only solution to all these problems, which can be faced with the use of democracy, decentralization and blockchain technology. The platform is not under any central authority, and only the content creators and users are allowed to make decisions about the content. It does not exploit its users by not compensating them financially for the use and marketing of their data as traditional social media giants do. The essence of the project is that users have complete control over the change, improvement and shipment of existing content.

Also, the platform does not display any ads unless the user wants to see them, and they will be rewarded for that. Unlike many popular platforms, users will not be bombarded with ads without consent and will not be paid for it.

The mixed social media platform is the first democrat/DeFi project where network creators do not have direct access to the token supply, proving its dedication to protecting and the strength of the Viblos ecosystem. This prevents price gouging and classic rug-pulling tactics.

Viblos will not penalize creators with different views, and every decision regarding content will be decided in a democratic way because the platform is democratic and decentralized.

Another benefit of Viblos is that users can rent out their data to earn rewards. This exclusive feature can help generate additional passive income when they are not uploading some new content.

Viblos is a much better alternative to the traditional social networks because it not only provides all the advantages of these networks but also introduces new business models to its users, and it does not spoil, abuse or violate the privacy of the participants. With Viblos, users can earn income in several ways by renting content or placing tokens to create and share NFTs on the platform.

One of the prominent components of the Viblos ecosystem is the platform management token, the VIBLO token. With a supply ceiling of $3 billion. The token is built on the Binance Smart Chain.

Also, content creators will get direct rewards in VIBLO tokens when they share their content with the world.

The possibilities are endless, and with NFT integration and licensing deals, the platform protects the efforts and creativity of content creators. The Viblos ecosystem is easy to use and seeks to remove the complex barriers found in the traditional social media sector.

“The progress we are making is impressive. We have decided on a completely organic strategy for our growth, which is giving us amazing results. We believe a lot of this is due to it being one of the few real projects in the crypto world and the way we take care of it,” said Viblos founder and CEO, Carlos Perez. in our communities.”

Viblos is strongly committed to protecting the oceans and has created a financing model based on VIBLO tokens. It provides a stable source of funding for those working to conserve the marine environment.

For more details, check out the Viblos ecosystem website and white paper.

Juan Carlos Perez and Daniel Chabon
Viblos Oü Tartu mnt 83-701 10115, Tallinn, Estonia

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