VMware, Mitacs set their sights on discovering a sustainable path for 6G

The partnership between VMware and Mitacs aims to play a critical role in paving a sustainable path for 6G.

Mitacs, a non-profit organization that connects industry with Canadian academic institutions, has launched the Digital Equity Network Innovation Initiative, also known as TETRA. In line with VMware’s Automated Life vision, organizations plan to establish a TETRA Center for Research and Innovation (R&I) in Montreal in partnership with the IEEE Future Networks Initiative (FNI), the IEEE technology community, the world’s largest technical professional organization aimed at advancing technology for the benefit of humanity.

TETRA and FNI will collaborate on technology to bridge the digital divide.

The R&I Center will develop open networking infrastructure that connects technologies from the satellite, network, and cloud industries. This infrastructure platform will serve as an application development platform for the IEEE FNI’s Connecting the Unconnected Challenge, which seeks new solutions for affordable global Internet access. Also, researchers will be able to test solutions in real-world environments across the Open Network Alliance innovation zones and IEEE FNI test pools.

Initial applied research projects will have key focus areas such as creating a sustainable open network with an international research team to enable access to a global pool of physical, digital and biological resources for a “solve the unresolved”. It will also aim to address the digital divide with practical and new solutions, in partnership with the IEEE, to connect the unconnected and ensure that everyone receives the benefits of the digital society.

Another area is to contribute to a better environment for the planet in accordance with the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) goals included in the VMware 2030 Plan.

“The path to 6G requires a fundamental redesign of the internet into an open network—one that can be accessed everywhere and brings immersive applications to everyone,” said Kate Colbert, CTO of VMware. This requires significant advances in physical and digital systems through broad partnerships and true cross-sector collaboration. Our partnership with Mitacs aims to drive this progress forward, keeping sustainability and digital equality at the core of our work.”

John Hepburn, CEO of Mitacs, added: “Connecting rural, remote and indigenous communities is critical to driving innovation in every part of Canada. Mitacs is pleased to collaborate with VMware as part of the Digital Equity Network Innovation Initiative. This initiative will improve connectivity and enable Local, national and international research collaborations, and support for the development of an innovation ecosystem that leverages local strengths. We look forward to seeing where this partnership can take us.”

“Nearly half of the world’s population remains offline, but the Internet is an important access point for education, economic opportunity, information and health services,” said Mary Ward Callan, Director General of Technical Activities at IEEE. “The IEEE is pleased to leverage our Connecting the Unconnected Challenge program to provide Innovation and a broad range of talent for the TETRA pilot project. This partnership provides the ideal framework to focus the expertise of our global network of members on this critical humanitarian issue.”

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