WATCH NOW: Ivy Tech Valparaiso Opens New Cybersecurity Lab | Education

Ivy Tech Chancellor Aco Sikoski delivers the opening speech at the inauguration of the Cybersecurity Operations Center and Outreach Lab at the Ivy Tech Valparaiso Campus on Monday morning. Ivy Tech has been fundraising for the lab for the past four years.

John J. Watkins, The Time

Cyber ​​security professionals need to be proactive and creative, someone with “sleuthing skills,” said Chetrice Mosley-Romero, cybersecurity program manager for the state of Indiana. The best way to acquire the necessary skills is to put students in real life situations, Mosley-Romero said.

“When you see a firefighter walk into a burning building, you really hope it’s not the first time he’s faced a fire,” Mosley-Romero said.

Michael Colvin, president of Ivy Tech’s cybersecurity student group, Cyber ​​Gladiators, called the new lab a “cyber playground,” adding that the pre-built scenarios provide students with a comprehensive yet straightforward experience.

“We are not telling you the attack because the attackers are not calling you,” Cyberbit trainer Wayne Pruitt said. “The students find the attack and react to it.… This is not a game.”

Cyber ​​Security Operations Center and Awareness Lab 2

Chair of the Cybersecurity Program in Valparaiso Rami Salahieh talks about the new lab at Monday’s inauguration. Salahieh said Ivy Tech Valparaiso’s cybersecurity program started about six years ago.

John J. Watkins, The Time

Ivy Tech launched its cybersecurity program six years ago because there was a “need,” Salahieh said. Today, cybersecurity and information assurance is Ivy Tech’s 14th most popular program, out of around 70. Over the past four years, the school has worked on establishing the lab to engage even more staff. students, said Salahieh.

Aco Sikoski, president of Ivy Tech, said there was “a shortage of cybersecurity talent in the United States.” The field of information security is expected to grow 33% over the next decade, which is much faster than average. According to Cyber ​​Seek, in Indiana, there are currently 6,064 cybersecurity job openings. Across the country, there are 597,767.


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