Watch out for honey traps on Facebook: Cybercrime Police

Hyderabad: Beware of strangers is one of the most valuable lessons in the web age.

A shady increase in the number of Facebook friend requests for many here, mostly profiles that post photos of attractive women pretending to be across the border, has prompted cybercrime officials in the city to publish notices asking Internet users to be careful.

“A Facebook friend request can be sent from anywhere in the world by anyone with good or bad thoughts. We must refrain from accepting friend requests from unknown people on social media platforms, ”said ACP Cybercrime KVM Prasad.

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Honey traps

Rajasthan police recently arrested a postman for allegedly sharing confidential information with the neighboring country. The man had landed in a honey trap after accepting a friend request on Facebook and then allegedly shared the information with his masters for money. In June, Delhi police arrested a man who allegedly shared information with managers based in Pakistan. The man got in touch with managers when he accepted a Facebook friend request from a woman.

In the past few days, officials said several people were receiving requests on Facebook, many of which turned out to be new accounts.

“A lot of these accounts were recently created and we found that a lot of people were accepting the requests. It could also be an attempt by organized cheat gangs operating in northern India who are desperate for business by setting up men for easy money, ”said one cybercrime official.

Cross-border requests

Social media users have also reported to police that they are receiving friend requests from some people across the borders. However, police say it is too early to say whether he was actually sent from the neighboring country or from another location. “A thorough study must be carried out before reaching a conclusion,” noted a senior police official.

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