What exactly does gaming mode on a smartphone do?

Gone are the days when you needed an expensive console or PC to be called a gamer. Over time, smartphones have become increasingly powerful that they can outnumber some of the most powerful computers of tomorrow. Due to its accessibility and low barrier to entry, smartphone gaming has taken the world by storm.

For this reason, many smartphone makers have tried to capitalize on the lucrative mobile gaming market, especially with the introduction of advanced gaming mode settings and features. But, what is smartphone gaming mode, and do you really need it?

What is gaming mode?

Gaming Mode is marketed by smartphone manufacturers as a built-in feature that helps optimize your device resources to improve your gaming experience. With Gaming Mode, the smartphone is said to prioritize its existing features to enhance speed and usability, which is what many gamers want to gain an edge over their competitors.

In addition, Gaming Mode also minimizes smartphone features that can be distracting, such as popups, notifications, and alarms. So, what specifications change with the gaming mode on smartphones, and why does it matter?

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What specifications change with Gaming Mode?

Across all mobile phone manufacturers, the specifications of the gaming mode features differ. Here are all the general specifications that Gaming Mode is often marketed to optimize the upcoming features that make it special in smartphones.

Central Processing Unit (CPU)

The CPU is the brain of your smartphone, controlling the operating system, touch-screen input, and everything else for good measure.

Along with Gaming Mode, some smartphones have improved touch sensitivity, which is important for making sure you’re attacking the right target or pressing the right buttons. Alternatively, you can also invest in peripherals that are better than touch screens altogether.

Graphics Process Unit (GPU)

Used to render video, graphics and of course, games, the GPU rapidly manipulates and replaces memory to accelerate the creation of images displayed on a smartphone screen.

Using Gaming Mode, you can experience dynamic frame rates or image quality depending on your preferred settings or internet speed.

Random Access Memory (RAM)

RAM is your smartphone’s short-term memory, which handles all the active tasks and apps that run in the background during your games.

Via Gaming Mode, some smartphones can clear background apps to free up RAM, which can help boost gaming performance based on the expected consumption of closed apps.

Do Not Disturb Features

Any smartphone gamer will tell you that one of the most annoying things that can happen is a popup taking up screen real estate at a crucial moment. After all, accidentally clicking on an information can mean everything from a minor inconvenience to losing an important match.

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For this reason, Gaming Mode can help users mute popups and block other notifications like reminders or alarms.

call settings

During gameplay, calls can be answered in the background on gaming mode while hands-free calls can be enabled on some smartphones. Alternatively, users can also auto-reject incoming calls while certain games are in progress. With it, you can quickly send unimportant callers to voice mail and make sure you’re ready to take an urgent call from your boss.

Screen & Sound Preferences

In some smartphones, Gaming Mode lets you change individual screen and sound settings for different games. For example, if you mainly play games when you’re alone at home, you can set your device to be as loud and immersive as possible for a certain game. Alternatively, you can also enable auto-brightness and ensure that your screen is always adjusted to fully enjoy the experience.

network connectivity

One of the most annoying things about online gaming is when you experience a lag. After all, in some games, you only need to be a second late to lose. While there is no option for faster internet, Gaming Mode helps in disabling internet connectivity for unused apps to avoid high ping issues while gaming.

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picture-in-picture option

These days, some sports can be a grind. In addition to bot mode features, smartphone makers like Vivo also have picture-in-picture settings, in which you can slide down with three fingers or slide-up controls to reveal apps like WeChat, WhatsApp, Viber You can tap on “Multiple Tasks” in the center. Line in floating window.

screen recording

With the rise of streaming and content creation, many gamers also work to share their games rather than just playing alone. Knowing this, many smartphone makers have included features to record games easily while on Gaming Mode. In particular, professional gamers also benefit from being able to see and analyze themselves and their competitors.

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Do smartphone gamers really need a gaming mode?

For better specifications, most smartphone gaming apps don’t require an insane amount of processing power to work. This is because smartphone app developers try to find a way to release games to the largest market and in the most accessible way.

Currently, it’s likely that Gaming Mode doesn’t really affect your playing experience significantly, much more than the pre-existing specifications of your mobile device and internet connection. However, only time will tell if smartphone makers can do more to make Gaming Mode more effective on its promise.

However, what makes Gaming Mode useful is its ease of use of features, most notably the special Do Not Disturb function. Additionally, professional gamers who play through streaming or other channels to produce content can also benefit from various settings that can make their job easier.

Is Smartphone Gaming Mode just a gimmick?

Knowing all this, many users will start barking about its usefulness. After all, many of Gaming Mode’s features aren’t entirely new, especially because it can’t replace the entire processing power of your device.

With the introduction of automatic hands-free calls, picture-in-picture options, and notification barring, the obvious benefit to Gaming Mode comes from creating space for gamers to focus and live in the moment. So, while it can be considered a gimmick, it has its fair share of perks.

While one could argue that gamers do not need a gaming mode to be successful in the world of smartphone gaming, the same can be said of a character’s look or skin color in the game. Sometimes, it doesn’t matter, but if it helps you win, what’s there to lose?

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