Youtuber Adalia Rose: Texas star dies at 15 from rare medical condition

theWednesday evening, the famous 15-year-old YouTuber Adalia Rose, a girl known around the world, who won the crown of social networks for her popularity and inspiring content, passed away.

Rose suffered from Hutchinson-Guilford Syndrome, which is the most severe form of Progeria, which made her look old, despite her young age. With 70 million visits to her YouTube channel, Adalia fascinated young and old with her outgoing personality and did not allow herself to be defeated, despite the fact that her illness made her suffer by affecting the functions of various organs and tissues of the body.

Through her official Facebook page, the family announced that on January 12, 2022, at 7:00 pm, Adalia passed away. They also mentioned that she touched millions of people and left the biggest imprint on everyone who had the chance to meet her.

The young woman’s family thanked the people who supported and admired Adalia. They also thanked the medical team and nurses who took care of Williams, keeping her healthy for years. On the other hand, they did not reveal the causes of her death.

The famous Youtuber had 12 million followers Facebook social networking site And over 2 million subscribers on YouTube, where she shared her struggles in life, as well as showing off her dances and passion for music. Her last video was uploaded a month ago and garnered thousands of views.

What is Hutchinson-Guilford Syndrome?

Progeria, or Hutchinson-Guilford Syndrome, is a genetic condition that affects less than 500 children worldwide.

Adalia Rose Williams was diagnosed with Progeria Syndrome at the age of three months. According to medical data, the first signs and symptoms appear during the first year of life. Also, the life expectancy of children with progeria is around 13 years, and some may live up to 20 years.


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